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Chattahoochee Fly Fishing Guides


Destination 1-  Patagonia Argentina


Southern LOOPS

Fly fish Northern Patagonia Argentina very best trout waters through our Argentinian partner Southernloops Fly Fishing, combining superb fishing with the highest standard of service.

Based out San Martín de los Andes, a typical mountain town with charming architecture, which undoubtedly is one of the most emblematic fly fishing destinations in the Northern Patagonia area, SouthernLoops provide world class fly fishing guide and travel service. Esteban Urban owner and head guide, host and guide every group of guest, ensuring a truly personalized attention. Under a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere, enjoying outstanding regional homemade meals, every angler and non-angler guest, will feel at home.

A wide range of waters and lodging options give us the chance to tailor made each trip schedule, matching each guest preferences as much as possible.

A group of highly qualified, full-time, duly certified Fly Fishing Guides carry out daily floats and wading trips, lake fishing with motorboats and multi day float trips with riverside camp overnights. They work under licenses granted by the province of Neuquén and the Lanín National Park; they are bilingual and residents of Northern Patagonia area.

Esteban and his crew will be please to share their fly fishing passion with every guest they have, taking care of each simple detail, making each trip just as the one you dreamed of!



Because each of our guest or group might have different requirements we made an exclusive selection of comfortable, upscale lodging options. We usually prefer to design each trip independently, customizing it according each guest particular needs.

Town lodging options at San Martín de los Andes downtown, taking advantage of the benefits of being lodged in the heart of our home town, as well as fishing-lodges options which provide the best all-inclusive service, far from crowds, just minutes away from the most productive Patagonia Argentina fly fishing spots are available. Multi-day float trips with deluxe riverside camp accommodation overnight may also be included –and we strongly recommend doing it – on the schedule of every trip we plan. We like to be flexible enough to what our guests really prefer for their fishing trip!


#The Riverside Camp

True expeditions through out the Andes, lasting between 2 and 4 days, sleeping in really comfortable riverside camps, will let you feel and breathe Patagonia Argentina, as well as enjoy its flora and wild life at its best.
Access the most out-of-reach trout waters which have a lower fishing pressure and a stunning scenery. By night, at the camp, you will be delighted by the crackling of the fire ember, living in direct contact with nature.
For this type of operation an auxiliary cargo raft for camping stuff transportation as well as exclusive staff in charge of its organization is provided. 9 square meters tents, Cots, matresses and awesome sleeping bags will ensure guest’s comfort even under the worst weather condition you can expect in the area.

# Waters we fish

This area give us the chance to fish a wide range of waters throughout an extended fishing season (November 1st through May 31st – We highly recommend bookings from late November up to Late April). This gives you the opportunity to schedule your trip from a widespread calendar, making it easier to find a date that would better fit your travel possibilities while on the other hand you will be able to choose from a wide range of options among techniques, weather, natural phenomenons and prices.

Aluminé River, Malleo River, Chimehuín River, Collón Cura River, Caleufu River, Limay Medio River, Filo Hua Hum River, between others are usually our typical water destinations.


#Non Fishing Activities

For our non-fishing guests as well as those anglers who want to have some day/s off from fishing outings, we can arrange very interesting outdoors activities programs or conventional tours, carried out by experienced and English speaking guides.

For sure everybody will find a great way to spend a different day or a whole non-fishing week program. Lots of options… lots of fun!


Destination II-  JJJ Private Farm (Greene County, GA)

IMG_5175 (2).JPG

JJJ Private Farm

JJJ Farm is located in Greene County, GA approximately 100 miles from Atlanta and consists of a 600-acre farm with a 7-acre lake.  The lake is stocked and managed to support a healthy population of F1* largemouth bass with some weighing up to 10lbs.  These F1’s are extraordinary for many reasons including their large size, fast growth rate, vivid colors, and beauty.  The real attraction is in the tug and strength when you feel the bass hit with lightning speed as you set the fly.  These bass pull every bit as hard as a red fish and can turn the driftboat when they make their initial run. 

The setting on the farm is exquisite.  With manicured grounds and crops that cater to the furry friends that are native, you are likely to see some special creatures wandering the grounds while fishing.

*The term F1 is used in the scientific community to denote the offspring resulting from the mating of two different species.  In this case, F1 refers to the breeding of the two recognized subspecies of largemouth bass: Florida bass, Micropterus salmoides Floridanus, and the northern bass, Micropterus salmoides.

IMG_3590 (2).JPG
IMG_3660 (2).JPG

This outing is recommended for more advanced casters and anglers.  You must be able to make longer casts with streamers and jig patterns.  We normally use 6-7 weight rods with sink tip lines.  We practice catch and release for all fish over 13 inches.   Everything under 13 inches will be kept, and you are welcome to take them home with you.

The trip includes lunch, snacks, drinks, equipment (7 weight fly rods), flies and transportation to and from Atlanta.  The cost is $500 with a maximum of 2 anglers.

This trip is available from January 2 - March 14 and May 16 – August 31 only.